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General Information


Blaring fanfares northeast of the pub of Arilin announces a great big show of games where brave gladiators may challenge their skills and prove their worth for the title of a champion. This large structure where these challenges are to be taken place within is commonly known as the Coliseum established by Mandrake, hence Mandrake's Coliseum.
Upon entry into the Coliseum from Arilin, by pressing the button to enter the portal, the player is sent to the Entry Portal located at the beginning, the west end, of Valor's Walk. Valor's Walk stretches eastwards to the Entrance Ramp which goes upward and eastward to meet and enter into the western side of the Coliseum. At its highest point, the Entrance Ramp opens into two direction. West of this point leads to one of the four gilded stairwells leading up to the Viewing Balcony, east leads to a stairwell which is one of the four and the busiest stairwells leading down to the Plebeian Stands.
The Coliseum is circular in shape. This means that the Viewing Balcony and the Plebeian Stands draw a circle. The Viewing Balcony is the outer ring and draws the larger of the two circles. On the outer side of this circle, at its north, west, east, and south points, are alcoves that is the Hall of Champions meant for displaying statues of the champions of the Coliseum. The inner side of the circle, at its north, west, east, and south points, are the four Gilded Stairwells that connects to the corridors serving as the transition points between the Viewing Balcony and the Plebeian Stands.
The Plebeian Stands is the inner ring, drawing a smaller circle. Its outer side, at its north, west, east, and south points, are four separate stairwell connecting to the corridors leading to the Viewing Balcony. The inner side of the circle, at its north, west, east, and south points, are dark doorways that lead down into the Hypogenum.
The Hypogenum is shaped like a square with four long halls leading outward at the center of each side of the square shape. The end of these long halls going away from the square connect to the Plebeian Stands by way of stairs going up. The square shape is composed of maze-like network of corridors, hence the Hypogenum Labyrinth, where the gladiator must navigate to find challenges that await them in these dimly lit corridors. The western long outer corridor house token NPCs with their respective signs which can be read. These NPCs accept tokens dropped by the bosses of the Coliseum.

Points of Interest

Shops Other

Both Servers:

Both Servers:

  • Gladiator's Hall


The Roadside Market can be found on the northern side of Valor's Walk.


The Gladiator's Hall is located north of the highest point of the Entrance Ramp. A Gladiator's Band is needed to gain access to the hall which provides facilities such as a sauna and kitchen.


Multi-alt Server Both Servers

Hall of Champions
Multi-alt Server 1-alt Server


Both Servers:


The following six NPCs accept tokens and they are shown in the following table. Also, aT each of these token NPCs can be read a sign for the tokens they accept. See the Coliseum Crafting page for further information on the items each of these NPCs give in return for their respective tokens.

NPC Tokens Accepted
Caladus Bristlemane Token
Herald's Token
Carpophorus Gristle's Token
Token of the Demilich
Flamma Brimstone Token
Dwarven Token
Rutuba Black Widow Token
Dianna's Token
Hannah's Token
Token of the Twins
Spiculus Token of the Black Hand
Token of the Infidel
Tetraides Token of Guruk
Token of the Lone Gladiator

The Viewing Crystal is located within the Gladiator Hall which is accessible only by those with a Gladiator's Band in possession.

On the multi-alt server, Masashi and Seishi are two brothers who have come to exchange goods. Masashi accepts items from throughout the realm and gives Platinum Coins in return. Seishi, in turn, accepts these coins which his brother gives along with a certain item and gives an improved version of that item in return. Notice that there is a sign where Seishi is that can be read.

Hall of Champions==

When a player on either server champions over all Mandrake's Coliseum challenges, they receive a statue which is displayed in the Hall of Champions. These statues have a custom description and a plaque for which the words of the champion can be read.


Each boss, heralded by the Coliseum Guards and a sign that can be read before entering into the challenge floor, gives a token when defeated. These tokens are used for trading with the NPCs that accept them. The entry cost and challenge for each boss is as follows:

Boss Cost Challenge
Arovet the Infidel Multi-alt Server: 15,000
1-alt Server: 100,000
20 combatants, limited to Clerics.
Black Hand Necromancer 5,000 20 combatants, level 24 or under.
Brimstone Serpent 30,000 15 combatants.
Bristlemane Wolf 1,000 6 combatants, level 15 or under.
Demilich Multi-alt Server: 20,000
1-alt Server: 100,000
20 combatants.
Dwarven Enchanter 40,000 20 combatants.
Gargantuan Black Widow 30,000 20 combatants.
Gristle Multi-alt Server: 10,000
1-alt Server: 100,000
20 combatants; limited to Gnomes on the multi-alt server; limited to Rangers and Thieves on the 1-alt server.
Guruk the Ugly Multi-alt Server: 15,000
1-alt Server: 100,000
20 combatants, limited to Fighters.
Herald of the Damned Multi-alt Server: 25,000
1-alt Server: 100,000
20 combatants, limited to Berserkers and Paladins.
Pious Hannah and Profane Dianna 35,000 20 combatants.
Veteran Gladiator 25,000 Single combatant.

Four of the twelve Coliseum bosses are isolated from the network of the larger maze and must therefore be reached by a certain path.
Arovet the Infidel can be reached by entering the Hypogenum from the north stairs and going straight south then east all the way.
Guruk the Ugly] can be reached by taking the west stairs to the Hypogenum then going all the way east, all the way north, then turning east and navigating the labyrinth.
The Gargantuan Black Widow is found by going east all the way from the western stairs to the Hypogenum, going north four times. From there, the directions are: e s s e s e e n n e s s e s s.
The Veteran Gladiator is located by going north all the way from the southern stairs into the Hypogenum, turning and going west twice. From there, the directions are: n n w w w s.


There are no hazards in this dungeon.


There are no loot to be found in this dungeon.


There is nothing else to note about this dungeon.