Gloomy Cavern

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Connects to following areas:
Multi-alt Server:

1-alt Server:

General Information

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A gloomy hole found at the end of the Dusty Path east of Blackthorn leads deep downard to a Gloomy Tunnel. Beware adventurers, for this place is full of mighty spiders and they do, indeed, guard something of far greater power.

Points of Interest


1-alt Server:

  • Level 33:
    • Long Grass


On the 1-alt server, level 33 guilds for which a level 33 character may advance to level 34 is connected to this dungeon; the field of Long Grass is actually a part of Blackweald albeit accessible only by going through the Gloomy Tunnel. To reach this location, delve into the Gloomy Tunnel by defeating the Elite Sentry Spiders then follow the path full of Guard Spiders to a four-way. Take the east path and follow it while keeping an eastward bearing. A Narrow Passage deters any pursuit of Guard Spiders so beyond this point is an escape from those menacing spiders. However, the reason those spiders were deterred acts upon anyone enteing it in the form of fallng rocks causing minor damage. Follow the passage to reach the isolated Long Grass of Blackweald.


1-alt Server

Monsters Bosses


Two NPCs exist on the 1-alt server in this area but they are actually in the Blackweald area rather than a part of this dungeon. Because they are accessible only by going through this dungeon, they are mentioned here instead; these NPCs can be found by going to the Long Grass of Blackweald when visiting the level 33 guild which is also accessible only by going through this dungeon.


Elite Sentry Spiders are kill-to-pass and must all be defeated to reach the bottom of the tunnel. On the 1-alt server, the Elite Sentry Spiders at the entrance to the tunnel that goes down are kill-to-pass in either direction. This is in contrast to the multi-alt server which they are only kill-to-pass when attemptying entry into the hole and can be escaped from back onto the Dusty Path.

Guard Spiders swarm the Gloomy Tunnel and also are summoned by the Spider King. One Guard Spider in particular, located at the western dead end, drops a Golden Spider.


The Spider King is located straight north from the four-way. The door to the lair of the Spider King requires a Golden Spider which is dropped by one of the Guard Spiders at the western dead-end. Some Guard Spiders may have been dragged around causing this particular spider that drops the Golden Spider to be dragged out of the square or its spawn is blocked so keep trying at the western dead end and one will drop.


When the Spider King is present in the room where he is found, the party cannot leave until he si defeated otherwise the room is log-to-local making the battle escapable by logging to local.

On the 1-alt Server, the Narrow Passage has falling rocks which cause minor damage when going through the passageway.


There are no loot to be found in this dungeon.

There is nothing to forage for in this dungeon.


Note that since there is no Blackweald on the multi-alt server, the dungeon is simply connected to Blackthorn by a Dusty Path. On the 1-alt server, this dungeon is connected to Blackweald which is connected to Blackthorn.