Spider King

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Name Spider King
Also known as SK
Difficulty Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Spawn Rate Daily
Hp Moderately High
Exp 65 (multi)
75 (1-alt)
Kill Exp 250,000
Max hit 100
Armour Immune to most physical attacks
Dodge Immune to most physical attacks
Magic Resistance Low
Undead? Yes
Special abilities Summons Guard Spiders
Money 500
Drops Spider Gauntlets (always)

The Spider King is a fearsome spider, resurrected by his minions to serve them once more. He wears a shining jewel-encrusted gauntlet on both of the two hands he appears to have.

Attacks and abilities

The Spider King attacks with Gauntleted Fists for 100 damage with quite high frequency, and periodically spawns a Guard Spider to back him up.