Blade of Time

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Base damage: 29, Can be worn by: fighters, paladins, berserkers, Description: You can tell right away that the blade is hand crafted from the finest of all metals. The blade can inflict large amounts of damage due to its very jagged structure. The handle is pure gold with shaped indentions to improve grip. There is a translucent orb at the base grasped by a claw., Level needed to equip it: 30, Magical: No, Vamparic: No, Armor: 0, Strength modifier: 0, Intelligence modifier: 0, Dexterity modifier: 0, Constitution modifier: 0, Wisdom modifier: 0, Charisma modifier: 0, Poison chance: 0, Poison/30s damage: 0, Monster damage table: , Mana leech: .

Rarity: Rare

Where to Find

  • The Blade of Time is dropped by the Time Knight upon death.

Other Uses