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General Information

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A stroll on the Silversail Beach brings relative serenity balanced by hungry scavenging predators. The entrance to the Silversail Beach is connected by the western end of Eventide Road of Silversail. At this point is where walkable sloping ground descends onto the sandy beach. The Silversail Beach skirts the northern and eastern cliff wals. The cliff wall curves where the entrance to the Silversail Beach is; southwestward to the edge of the water; eastwards then curves again northward then the curvature westward becomes straight and the cliff wall goes far west past the edge of the water. The Silversail Beach itself is a large roaming area with Shallow Water along its western and southern edge. The Shallow Water ends where deeper water is, which is the boundary of the area itself. The edge of the water, between the sandy beach of the Silversail Beach and Shallow Water, draws a curve northward from where the edge of the water meets the cliff wall southwest of the entrance to the Silversail Beach. The edge of the water curves westward and continues far west then curves northward to meet the cliff wall.

Despite the scenery, mind the Starfish. They are all kill-to-pass. On the 1-alt server, one is present at the entrance and, like any other Starfish, is a potential death sentence for the unprepared stroller.

Points of Interest

Guilds Other

1-alt Server:

  • Level 34:
    • Mountain Peak
  • Hermit's Cave


On the 1-alt server, level 34 guilds for which a level 34 character may advance to level 35 exists here. To find the guilds, navigate to the northern cliff wall and go west all the way to where the edge of the water meets the northern cliff wall. Wade a short distance into the water and find an opening in the cliff wall. This opening leads upwards, which requires a Climbing Gear to climb with, towards the Mountain Peak.


The Hermit's Cave occupied by the Old Hermit is almost straight north from where the western end of Eventide Road of Silversail connects to the Silversail Beach. Go straight north from the entrance to the Silversail Beach then hug the wall westward and after going north once, the cave should be to the east.


1-alt Server

Monsters Bosses

Both Servers:

Both Servers:


On the 1-alt server, Seth Sparrowhawk is at the Mountain Peak at the entrance of where the level 34 guilds are; the Archeologist is inside past Seth Sparrowhawk.


Two distinct groups of creatures exist in this area, on the sandy Silversail Beach and in the Shallow Water. On the sandy beach, there are Mutant Crabs, Ravenous Seagulls, and Starfish. In the salty water, there are Box Jellyfish, Ocean Sharks, and Stingrays.


The Old Hermit is located in the Hermit's Cave.


The Starfish are kill-to-pass monsters and significantly tougher than other monsters on the beach; take care.


There are no loot to be found in this area.

There is nothing to forage for in this area.


There is nothing else to note about this area.