Lifewater Potion

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Description: This teal, semitransparent liquid smells of fresh grapefruit, and as well as being able to completely satisfy one's thirst, the purifying fluid can purge toxins and heal wounds as well., Type of Item: Potion.

Rarity: Rare


  • This potion fully heals you, clears any poison affecting you (although it won't protect you from being immediately poisoned again), and satisfies your thirst for a very long time, the latter effect being unique to this potion.
  • Won't clear negative spell effects such as Hypnotise.
  • The use of this potion tends to be forbidden in tournaments, and even just possessing one can result in disqualification.
  • Can be upgraded via Alchemy into a Nightshade Elixir.

1-alt Server:


  • Inspired by the Lifewater Flask (the 1-UP item) from Commander Keen IV: Goodbye Galaxy.