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Alchemy is a special form of Crafting that involves preparing and mixing ingredients to produce a variety of potions, either for direct consumption or to provide a specific substance to treat a piece of equipment in another crafting recipe.

Alchemy can only be performed in locations where an Alchemy Cauldron and Mortar reside, as these appliances allow for the mixing and preparation of materials.

Alchemy Cauldron Locations

Basic Alchemy

Advanced Healing Potion


Total: Poisoned Grape, Poisonous Berry, Spider Venom, Triko Root

Basic Healing Potion

Dark Mist Potion

Healing Potion

Jaguar Potion

Potion of Humidity

Intermediate Alchemy

Fire Bomb

Total: Charcoal, Fulsite, Saltpetre x15, Sulphur.
You need to mix Charcoal, Saltpetre 150 and Sulphur in a Ball Mill to create the Black Powder.

Lifewater Potion

Total: Advanced Healing Potion x4, Antitoxin x2, Fruit x3, Water.

Nightshade Elixir

Total: Glowing Mushroom, Lifewater Potion, Mana Water, Taraxacum x6.

Reduction Agent

Total: Crocodile Scale, Fairy Dust x3, Spider Venom x2, Wolf Stomach x3.

Volatile Flask

Total: Black Sapphire x3, Nightshade Elixir x5, Reduction Agent x3.

Advanced Alchemy

Etheral Potion

Total: Small Ruby, Spirit Essence, Reduction Agent x2, Wraith Essence.

Fireburst Potion

Total: Black Sapphire, Fire Bomb, Lodestone x3, Reduction Agent x5, Wraith Essence.

Lightning Bomb

Total: Reduction Agent, Sapphire Gem, Spirit Essence, Tempest Potion.

Storm Brew

Total: Amethyst, Etheral Potion, Lodestone, Reduction Agent x2, Tempest Potion x2.

Templum Venenum

Total: Etheral Potion, Gold Ore, Large Emerald, Mana Core, Reduction Agent x5, Small Ruby x2, Spirit Essence.


Give the Thunderbomb Brew and a Glass Sphere to Snarp, Potion Master to complete the Thunderbomb.