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Jahanna Desert

General Information


The Airship is spotted hovering above the scorching Sandy Path of the Jahanna Desert; a Rope Ladder tauntingly dangles near the desert entrance to the Ancient Tunnels, beckoning any adventurer to climb aboard and challenge the crew of the Airship. To locate the Rope Ladder leading upwards, go directly south from the desert entrance of the Ancient Tunnels.

The Airship consists of an Outer Deck heavily crewed by Dwarven Grenadiers and Snotlings, an After House peopled by Snotlings, and the Living Quarters occupied by Silversail Defectors. The Outer Deck and the After House are on the same level, the After House is a structure with two levels the second level above being the Living Quarters.

In the Living Quarters, toward the bow of the ship which points north, is an Inner Cabin which is a passageway leading to the Captain's Chamber.

Points of Interest

Shops Other
  • Airship Bow
  • Control Room
  • Crow's Nest
  • The Gunpowder Room
  • Kitchen
  • Scorpion Pit


The Velvet Anteroom: The Velvet Anteroom is before the Captain's Quarter. The Rogue Swordsman is also located in this room.


Airship Bow: Located on the Outer Deck at its northernmost is the nose, or the bow, of the ship.

Control Room: A Crowbar is needed to break the bookshelf which conceals the Control Room to the north of the Captain's Quarter. Here, either the party may return to the Captain's Quarter or take control of the ship by heading in one of these directions but not without any moderate injuries due to inexperienced maneuvering of the ship resulting in an unsafe landing:

  • North: Windia; On the southeastern Lookout Point.
  • West: Island of Chronos; On the southern part of the Docks of Tempo.
  • East: Arilin; On the roof of Arilin Hunter's Tavern.
  • Down: Jahanna Desert; On the entrance of the infested town of Jahanna.
  • Up: Silversail; Lands on The Docks, near the western end of Bennington Avenue.

Crow's Nest: Above where Lt Commander Blackburn stands on the Outer Deck is the Crow's Nest where only two characters may climb up at a time. When on the Crow's Nest, it is possible to spy for four particular bosses from this vantage point:

The Gunpowder Room: On the Outer Deck at its southernmost lies The Gunpowder Room where the crew produce and store gunpowder. Quartermaster Maddox is located in this room along with the Ball Mill. A Crowbar can be found by examining this room.

Kitchen: The Kitchen is located in the Living Quarters, to the west at the end of the hallwway leading to the Captain's Quareter.

Scorpion Pit: In the After House where there is a ladder leading up and down, going down that ladder leads to the Scorpion Pit where two Scorpions dwell awaiting their next meal. They are kill-to-pass and this room is therefore considered a trap room.


Monsters Bosses


The Ball Mill is located in The Gunpowder Room.


Dwarven Grenadiers and Snotlings are mostly found on the Outer Deck. Silversail Defectors occupy the Living Quarters; Those that are met in the passage leading to the Captain's Quarter are kill-to-pass.


Quartermaster Maddox may be small-time but he can be formidable with his Snotling companions answering his summons for assistance. He may be found in The Gunpowder Room.

Lt Commander Blackburn needs no lackey and is found on the Outer Deck guarding the way up to the Crow's Nest; He is kill-to-pass.

The Rogue Swordsman is located in the Velvet Anteroom before the Captain's Quarter; The swordsman is kill-to-pass.

The captain of the ship, Gilad Wylsen himself, is accompanied by two Silversail Defectors in the Captain's Quarter.


Two hazards exist associated with this Airship:

  • The Scorpion Pit where two Scorpions may make a meal out of the unwary.
  • The Control Room when maneuvering the ship in any of the five directions that result in crashing the ship and possibly causing moderate injuries.


Item Location
Crowbar The Gunpowder Room


There is nothing else to note about this area.