Giant Hawk

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Name Giant Hawk
Also known as GH
Difficulty Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif (multi-alt)

Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif (1-alt)

Alignment True Neutral
Spawn Rate Daily
Hp Moderately High
Exp 90
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 100
Armour Moderate
Dodge High
Magic Resistance High
Undead? No
Special abilities No
Money 2,500
Drops Hawk Feather (less common)
Hawk Talon (more common)
Mystic Feather (uncommon) (multi-alt only)
Brown Feather (common) (1-alt only)

This magnificent bird of prey takes to the sky as you disturb her habitat - she glides above and prepares to divebomb you with razor sharp talons.

Attacks and abilities

As her description implies, she attacks you as many a bird of prey would attack its prey, slashing with razor sharp talons, either wildly in mêlée or through an unavoidable divebomb attack. She also pecks with her beak. Nothing too fancy, and the attack rate is relatively slow, although damage can reach the 100s sometimes.

Her size gives her quite a bit of resilience, but despite being large, she is difficult to hit due to being a fast-moving, airborne target that only periodically comes within sword range.

Favourite quotes

  • *SHRIEK!*