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Mountain Path
Mountain Sentant Sentant Range Mountain Fenowasty
Jahanna Desert
Dvergar Stronghold

General Information


The Sentant Range is located between three mountains: Jahanna's Peak, Mountain Fenowasty, and Mountain Sentant. The general area is a ridge that runs from east to west, which at its north is connected by a small rope bridge that crosses a chasm north onto the Mountain Path that also connects westward to Mountain Sentant. AT the east of this ridge is the northwestern end of the Bridge of Tumba Kilya which connects the Sentant Range with the Ancient Ridge of Mountain Fenowasty. At the south of the ridge of Sentant Range, connected by Shingle Valley produced by the waters of the Frostborn River from Mountain Frostborn, is Jahanna's Peak.

The ridge of Sentant Range is made up of narrow path that goes along its northern and southern side, and also goes around its wetern end. There are three levels of mountain path, the lowest accessible at its north from the Mountain Path and its south accessible by way of Shingle Valley. At the highest level and to the east is the Bridge of Tumba Kilya.

The ridge of Sentant Range is the only overground route linking the city of Nightmist, Resthaven, and the Jahanna Desert, and being treacherous and unstable necessitates the use of the Sewers and the Ancient Tunnels for everyday commuting.

Jahanna's Peak is unique in that its climate is different from the other mountains of the realm due to its proximity to the Jahanna Desert. Its status of being a dormant volcano is betrayed by the presence of Sulphur at its summit. The Lush Gorge of Jahanna Desert connects to the eastern side of Jahanna's Peak. Shingle Valley is located to the north of Jahanna's Peak. The Summit of Jahanna's Peak is located almost at its center.

On the multi-alt server, though merely dormant and not extinct, the fact that Jahanna's Peak is a dormant volcano has not stopped a group of Dvergar led by the enigmatic Sleeper from establishing a stronghold and mithril mining operation within its interior which is a surprising mirror of the Drow inhabiting the Abandoned Mines and their Subterranean City underneath Mt. Melior.

Points of Interest

  • Rapid Estuary


The Rapid Estuary is located within the Shingle Valley as the waters of Frostborn River flows out of the land and westward into the Ausaunde Ocean.


There are no NPCs to be found in this area.

Monsters Bosses

Sentant Range:

Sentant Range and Shingle Valley:

Shingle Valley:

Jahanna's Peak:

Sentant Range and Jahanna's Peak:


Three kill-to-pass Wolves snare adventurers who venture into their enclosure at the northeastern region of the lower level of the ridge of Sentant Range, they can prove to be dangerous to a sole adventurer.

Three kill-to-pass Gnoll Elites are on a small bridge that crosses the Rapid Estuary on the east side of Shingle Valley.


The Water Wraith is located at the Rapid Estuary at the west side of the Shingle Valley.


As the adventurer navigates the narrow path of the ridge of the Sentant Range, the adventurer may find paths that lead to unstable ledges causing them to tumble down onto a lower level of the Sentant Range possibly sustaining moderate injuries.

On the lower level of the ridge of the Sentant Range and at its northern side, some distance northeast from where the path drops down and goes north to a rope bridge connecting to the Mountain Path, there is a steep dro where even with a Climbing Gear will send anyone tumbling to their death attempting to go further down.

A rope bridge, some distance northwards from the northwestern end of the Bridge of Tumba Kilya, has been heavily battered by storms and will collapse under the weight of anyone who tries to cross the gorge toward the Ancient Ridge of Mountain Fenowasty.


There are no loot to be found in this area.


Jahanna's Peak Summit of Jahanna's Peak


There is nothing else to note about this area.