Water Wraith

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Name Water Wraith
Also known as
Difficulty Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif
Alignment True Neutral
Spawn Rate
Hp Moderate
Exp 80
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 80
Dodge High
Magic Resistance Moderate
Undead? About 75%
Special abilities No
Drops Water (common)
Salt Water (common)
Water Ring (rare)


This leviathan appears to be made totally out of water. It growls at your presence and tries to smash you with its watery fists. Something tells you that this is not actually its home habitat.

Attacks and abilities

  • Attacks you with its watery mass for 90.
  • Splashes you for 30.
  • Attacks you with its watery fist for 50.
  • Attacks you with water smash for 50.

Favourite Quotes

"To the deep ocean I go."


In a gorge in the Sentant Range, between Jahanna's Peak and the main mountain ridge.



  • Its square has a penalty of 50% to hit-rate.
  • Sword of Light does double damage.