Run-down Mansion

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Connects to following areas:
Grassy Path

General Information

Woobie Mansion.png

Accessible with Inquisition Warrant #3924, the Run-down Mansion is a derelict manor house on the Grassy Path and is the hiding place of Woobie, a Drow burglar accused of stealing Incriminating Evidence from the Inquisitor's Tower. Here, you must search the rooms for the evidence that you seek, all while avoiding Woobie's hit-and-run attacks (as the Lightning-fast Assailant). Once you find the evidence, you are free to leave the mansion and return what you've found to the Inquisitors - unfortunately, Woobie ambushes you upon your exit and you fall into the Mansion Basement, where you have to fight against her unreal agility and subversive combat skills.

Points of Interest





  • Woobie (as the Lighting-fast Assailant) runs through the mansion, including on the chest's spawn squares, engaging in powerful hit-and-run attacks against you.