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This is a list of all the subjects the community wishes changed paired with the "rank" with 1 being the highest priority rank. We haven't deleted anything from the list, but the things that are least important (or even shouldn't be added) are at the bottom of the list.

Disclaimer: This is not a finished product and obviously is subject to frequent changes until we "finish" it. There will always be new ideas that will be added to the list. Since the creation of this page there have been many updates to the 1-alt zerver. Underneath of each item are additions to the game that fall under the player created suggestions.

1-Alt Community Priority List

Rank Subject

  1. Balance of classes (pvm).
  2. Alternate system for the level 36+ guilds.
  3. Gold no longer affects rank (maybe an entire refit).
  4. Combining gold into one account bank.
  5. Pickplayers available outside clan houses and mosh.
  6. New/more frequent events at scheduled times.
  7. Weekly bosses.
  8. Making Staff of Light available on 1a.
  9. Soulbound items (equipping it makes it soulbound, no one else can equip it from there on).
  10. Equipment with a maximum level cap.
  11. Cleric gaining exp from healing players.
  12. Alternate boss drops (in stats) for underused bosses.
  13. Lowering of Mosh price
  14. Items with a time limit (week, month etc.).
  15. Fixing of achievements.
  16. Transfer of Dvergar Stronghold.
  17. Transfer of Nightmist Rooftops.
  18. Transfer of Shifting Sands.
  19. Potions that teleport you to specified grid number.