Rose Garden

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Connects to following areas:
Mountain Fenowasty

General Information


Hidden by the mountain terrain on the east side of the Mountain Fenowasty area is a building whose appearance is deceiving as one who enters this building with Roses in their possession finds themselves in the Rose Garden. Inside of this relatively small dungeon are Cinder Beasts and Mutant Beetles, the latter often the reason for an extended stay in the dungeon.

The Rose Archway is the starting point of this dungeon. Immediately west of the Rose Archway is a four-way intersection. The path south of this four-way leads to the Gardener's Tool Shed. West and north of the four-way leads to dead-ends but by heading west from the four-way and taking the first sorth leads to a staircase to the second floor. The path splits north and south on the second floor. There are two doors and more dead ends on this floor.

Points of Interest

There is nothing else to mention in this dungeon.


There are no NPCs in this dungeon.

Monsters Bosses


The sequence of bosses to be slain are as following:

  1. Gardener
  2. Giant Cinder Beast
  3. Atrium Monarch

The Gardener is located in the Gardener's Tool Shed. Obtaining a Petal Key may take a few tries. Once one has been acquired, the party can head over to the second floor and turn northward then through a door that requires the Petal Key to apprehend the Giant Cinder Beast. Slaying the Giant Cinder Beast yields the Thorn Key which is used to open the other door on the second floor. This door leads to the Atrium Monarch Room where none other than Atrium Monarch and any possible dragged monsters are located.


A few dead-ends send adventurers back to the Rose Archway. This is not quite hazardous, but this may confuse adventurers.


There are no loot to be found in this dungeon.

There is nothing to forage in this dungeon.


There is nothing else to note about this area.