Shady Diggy

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Name Shady Diggy
Also known as Diggy
Difficulty Flashstar.gif Flashstar.gif Flashstar.gif Flashstar.gif Flashstar.gif
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Spawn Rate Minute
Hp Extremely High (Self-heal)
Exp 0
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 350 (*2)
Armour High
Dodge Very High
Magic Resistance Extremely High
Undead? No
Special abilities Self-Healing
Drops Elfstone (always)

Shady Diggy is a mysterious dark-elf. His eyes glow a dull ochre colour. He behaves indifferently regardless of how violent the fighting before him gets.

Attacks and abilities

Shady Diggy smites players with his club, striking two targets at once for over 300 damage each - it cannot be dodged.

Favourite quotes




  • Almost impossible to kill due to his healing and attack power.
  • Initially he doesn't attack you, but if you attack him, everything goes, and he won't hesitate to strike you or anyone else who shares your class.