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A stub is a placeholder indicator or marker for an unfinished article in a wiki.

Its purpose is to inform visitors that they've arrived at a very unfinished page (as opposed to a normal wiki page which simply never gets finished), and also to automatically classify the page to make it easier for contributors to find and fill out.

The other implication of a stub is that the editor who added the stub marker probably doesn't intend to fill out what they think is missing in the near future.

Making articles as stubs

Editors and writers should tag unfinished articles as "stubs". This is a template that adds the article to a stub category so that they can be tracked down later for further addition and expansion.

The {{stub}} tag can be used at the top of pages.

The stub templates also provide a visual cue to visitors that this page is indeed not finished, and, who knows, it might prompt some of them to start contributing!


This article is a stub. You can help expand it by editing it.

  • Please use the standard templates and formats where possible.

Finding stubs

If you created a stub previously and need to find it again, or just want to help fill out some stubs, start looking in Category:Article Stub.