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Mountain Names

-This should be changed to Sentant Mountain. The sound flows better and that's how players know it.

  • Ice Cold

-Technically the area is named Mount Sentant - the page's creator felt fit to expand "Mount". Really, it should be "Mount Sentant" or "Mt. Sentant".

  • Crane

-Roger, makes sense then, maybe change it to Mount Sentant then? Mountain Sentant just sounds really off.

  • Ice Cold

-Go for it. As far as I know, in-game, the names are "Mt. Sentant" and "Mt. Fenowasty" etc. Might need to create redirect pages for those.

Mountain names:

- Bluefrost Mountain
- Jahanna's Peak
- Mt. Fenowasty
- Mt. Frostborn
- Mt. Melior
- Mt. Sentant

(As seen, the only one with "Mountain" in full is when it appears second in the name.)

  • Crane