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Name Adel
Also known as
Difficulty Goldstar.gif
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Spawn Rate Daily
Hp Low
Exp 50
Kill Exp 50,000
Max hit 55
Armour Low
Dodge Low
Magic Resistance Very High
Undead? No
Special abilities No
Money 500
Drops Bracelet of Hope (very rare)

Adel is a former soldier in the ranks of the Harabec army. He appears to be desolated and lost in his own imagination. He appears weary with loss of any imaginable reason. His clothes are filthy and baggy. He has a large dagger at his disposal which he frequently uses to slash his skin.

Attacks and abilities

Adel is a rather sorry sight, having apparently fallen foul of depression. He attacks rather haphazardly but rapidly with a Rusted Dagger, landing painful blows that hit for 50 damage, although they can be armour-absorbed.

Favourite quotes

  • "Get away from me evil being!"
  • "I've done nothing wrong!"
  • "Why has this army treated me so cruely? I just want to..."
  • "I have no respect!"