Blue Mummy

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Name Blue Mummy
Also known as None
Difficulty Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif
Alignment Neutral Evil
Spawn Rate Ten minutes
Hp ~50,000
Exp 70
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 70
Armour Undetermined
Dodge Undetermined
Magic Resistance Undetermined
Undead? 100%
Special abilities 2-point poison
Money 505
Drops Blue Rune


The Blue Mummy's bandages glow under the faint emission from the rune it holds. It is determined to keep you away from it.

Attacks and abilities

The mummy casts deadly curse that does unavoidable damage and tries to cut the victim down with an Egyptian Blade. Upon touching, the decomposing flesh of the mummy is poisonous.

Favourite quotes

  • I cannot allow you access to the secrets of the tomb.
  • Take the rune if you must, but you will die this day.




One of the six colored mummies in the Pyramid of the 3rd Moon.