Drow Templar

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Name Drow Templar
Spawn Rate 10 Minutes
Hp High
Exp 90
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 80 (*3)
Magic Resistance High
Undead? No
Special abilities 25-point Poison, Self-healing
Hypnotise, Vision
Money 1,480
Drops Advanced Mana Crystal (common)
Black Sapphire (uncommon)


A very highly privileged male Drow mage who has the blessing of the priestesses and their goddess for his abilities, loyalty and submissiveness. Possessing both sorcery and the clerical abilities of his priestess matriarchs and having a close bond with the temple, the Drow Templar is definitely a powerful foe.


Favourite Quotes

  • "I must stop you here."
  • "Leave this temple now!"


  • Dressed in the purple robes of the priestesses, the Drow Templar is a magician with the rare privilege of being blessed by the direct servants of Kiaransalee. As a result, he is effectively a cross between a Drow Mage and a Drow Priestess, possessing a handful of spells from both classes, along with a Golden Staff and an Ilythiiri Keeshe as mêlée weapons.
  • Drow Templars possess the Dark Aurora spell, giving crits a 25-point poison.