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Name Einon
Also known as
Difficulty Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif
Alignment Lawful Evil
Spawn Rate Daily
Hp Moderate
Exp 80
Kill Exp 500,000
Max hit 110
Armour Low
Dodge Low
Magic Resistance Moderately High
Undead? No
Special abilities Self-Healing
Money 3,500
Drops Dragonstone (common)

Hellfire Robes (common) (1-alt only)
Staff of Dragons (common) (multi-alt only)
Arcane Wrappings (uncommon)
Cage Key (rare)


This Half-Elven mage, clad in red and orange robes in a pattern resembling flames, stumbled upon the story of the dragons Borealis and Kyriarchia in the archives of his native guild. Having been persecuted for most of his life due to being neither Elven nor human, he interpreted Kyriarchia's crusade as a noble mission to unite all species under a single set of governing rules... no more racism and segregation. Despite being expelled for becoming a fanatic, he had learnt enough from numerous dark tomes to draw upon the magic of the dragons, becoming the perfect agent for Kyriarchia himself to gain followers of lesser species and hence further his demonic agenda.

Attacks and abilities

Einon is hard boss attacking with numerous stamina. He attacks with the Hellfire spell for up to 110 damage and with his Fire Whip for up to 100.




His name is homage to Prince Einon, the principal antagonist in the movie Dragonheart.