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Large Forest

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Adventurers who explore the Large Forest likely found themselves following a Shallow Stream into the Wetland and backtracked because of the inhabitants that live there. Those brave enough to navigate the Wetland further north find themselves taking first entangled steps in Vines as they enter the Swampland of Ercule Swamp. Upon brief exploration, adventurers will find that the Swampland hold far more danger than it appears.

The Shallow Stream and a small part of the Wetland, the southern part that is connected to the stream, is open to any levels but beyond that certain point in the Wetland is restricted to level 25 or lower.

The Ercule Swamp is a favored training spot for lower levels that brandish well a Torch because the Torch does double, even triple, damage to most creatures in the Swampland. Another weapon which has damage multiplers on the creatures of this area is the Great Axe.

Points of Interest

There is nothing else to mention about this area.


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Wetland Swampland

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The Spirit of Ariat is a NPC rather than a monster since it does not attack but, as it travels around the southern part of the Swampland, it fades in and out. At the beginning of every ten minute cycle, it appears directly southeast of the Hydra Hatchling closest to the entrance of the Swampland. The spirit travels for about five minutes moving counter-clockwise around this particular Hydra Hatchling, and at one point will be directly south of another Hydra Hatchling north of the first one, until it has almost come to a full orbit but will disappear before it approaches southwest of the first Hydra Hatchling. The spirit can be banished by heal spells, and it may drop a Great Axe.


Two distinct groups of monsters exist in this area. One group dwell on the Wetland and another thrive on the Swampland.

The Shallow Stream is also a part of the Wetland but the stream has either or both Giant Frogs and Water Fairies. The Wetland has some shallow pools of water where Piranhas and Piranha Swarms are found along with the occasional Giant Leech.

The Swampland hold more formidable creatures. The Swampland can be said to have two parts to it, the northern and southern part divided by the only Hydra Hatchling that is not at a dead end as it blocks the path to the northern part of the Swampland. Vines are all over the Swampland region, they are all kill-to-pass. Giant Mosquito Swarms mostly stay away from paths that lead to dead ends but some drift into them. Giant Snapper Turtles spawn in the southern part of the Swampland. Mud Monsters appear at the northern part of the Swampland. Hydra Hatchlings are found in all but two of the dead ends of the Swampland, and one blocks the path to the northern part of the Swampland. Hydra Heads appear in the northwestern regio of the Swampland on the path leading to the boss of the area.

Listed below are the creatures of Swampland severely damaged by the Torch:

Listed below are creatures of the Swampland severely damaged by the Great Axe:


Hydra Heads give away the path leading to the Hydra Body, the source of the Hydra Heads and apparently its offsprings which are Hydra Hatchlings. Upon extermination of the Hydra Heads toward its source, however, adventurers discover they are kept away from the source by a mumble barrier.

Closer examination of the Swampland at its central northernmost dead end reveals the Sludge Lord. The Sludge Lord is more of a mini-boss but can be difficult to defeat. There are no known weapons that deal increased damage on this mini-boss. Upon defeat, it reveals the mumble key which is "Baltor".

Revisiting the mumble barrier with this knowledge, likely fighting the Hydra Heads once more, the party can mumble the key then go in and fight the Hydra Body. Like Hydra Hatchlings and Hydra Heads, the Hydra Body is severely damaged by the Torch and the Great Axe.


Giant Snapper Turtles can camouflage and have a habit of ambushing weak crits with a powerful bite.

Hydra Hatchlings are kill-to-pass. While this may not be a hazard to most large parties, a lone adventurer is hardly a match for the beast without restorative items.

The Sludge Lord is kill-to-pass and a potential death sentence even for large parties.

On the 1-alt server, the Hydra Body is kill-to-pass but the battle can be escapedby logging to local.


Item Location
Search at the numerous Piranha-infested Small Pool in the Wetland region.


Swampland Wetland


There is nothing else to note about this area.