Great Axe

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Description: Forged from the finest ore by the finest dwarven weapon smith, the Axe is perfectly balanced and weighted to deliver damaging blows. A powerful elven Archmage enchanted this artful weapon to enhance its combat abilities even further. Ariat, with this mighty weapon, and Baltor ventured into the Ercule Swamp and never returned - though the Hydra has never emerged either. The venture was deemed a success, with a hefty price..

Rarity: Common


  • Can be used by Fighters and Berserkers.
  • Minimum Level is 20.
  • Base damage is 24
  • Gives +1 Strength, -1 Dexterity and -10 Armour.
  • Damage modifiers versus many of the monsters in Ercule Swamp.

Where to Find

Damage Table Estimates (July 2023 update)

  • 2x damage
    • hydra
    • vine
    • turtle


No equivalents.