Forest of Silence

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Orchard of Spirits
Castle Darksparrow Forest of Silence Land of the Dead

General Information

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The Forest of Silence, if it can be called a forest, is an area of death and decay within the fabled Land of the Dead, inhabited by undead creatures and encroached by soldiers from the nearby Castle Darksparrow. It is one of the few areas in the realm that have a good mixture of living and undead creatures in a single segment.

Points of Interest

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Both Servers

  • Guard Outpost
  • Watchtower


Castle Darksparrow, out west of the area, is accessible through a portal that requires the Seal of Submission to pass through. The expedition must be wary of the Guard Outpost they need to circumvent, for arrows rain upon them as they attempt to do so.
Northwesternward of the Guard Outpost is a portal to the Orchard of Spirits. A Necromancer Charm allows passage through that portal.


A Guard Outpost stands to the western region of this forest as a defense against any who dare to intrude into Castle Darksparrow.
A watchtower to the southeast harbors the Winged Vampire.


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Monsters Bosses

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Arrows rain on those who walk near the Guard Outpost.


The Forest of Silence can be foraged for Charcoal.


There is nothing else to note about this area.