Castle Darksparrow

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Connects to following areas:
Forest of Silence

General Information


Castle Darksparrow is located further west from the Forest of Silence and only Paladins are able to enter through the portal owing to their fortitude and alignment. The castle is lorded over by Lord Darksparrow to whom the regular antagonist Lieutenant Burton serves.
As holy warriors advance westward they will encounter Lieutenant Burton who was apparently guarding the portal as the soldiers from the castle moved eastwards into the Forest of Silence. The first encounter with Lieutenant Burton finds him alone and making up excuses to flee westward.
The second coming with Lieutenant Burton involves a Black Knight. When defeated, he flees west again with an excuse and goes into the castle. There is no way to enter the castle because the drawbridge is drawn up and the moat is filled with Piranhas.
However, a bold Paladin may volunteer to take a dip into the Piranha-infested moat and search for a hidden entrance south of the drawbridge. When the brave soul manages to get inside the castle walls in one piece, there is a Black Knight that was about to do its business when it sees the intruder. Upon defeat, there is a open way to the gateway of the castle. Except, the enemy knows an intruder has come into the castle and is waiting to spring a trap. Soon as the infiltrator is foolish enough to approach the path leading to the entrance, iron bars drop down down on both fronts and a Death Knight comes in view to rapidly fire its Black Crossbow killing the hapless fool.
Therefore, with the aid of a Tarma Potion may the brave soul become invisible and not be caught in the trap, striking north to the drawbridge machinery. Typing "/lower drawbridge' opens the drawbridge for the waiting crusaders to pour forth into the castle.
Within the castle perimeter are three buildings. The southern one is a smithy. The western is the kitchen with a cellar full of Barrels, one of which contains a Banquet Key.
The northern building is where soldiers congeal to feast and celebrate their dark might. Its front gates are locked by a magical barrier and must be drawn open. Searching around its walls, the keen observer will spot an open window. Here, using a Rope allows access upon the ledge and to the winch. The winch can be used by typing "/turn winch". This opens the magical gate and allows access into the building. With Banquet Key in hand the crusade may continue into the banquet room but not before they face Lieutenant Burton once again, and this time a Blackguard at his service.
The banquet room is crowded! Finding Lieutenant Burton who has fled through the banquet room may be difficult, especially at the stairwell. Such tight spot allow for the enemy to protect themselves at higher ground and dish out damage to the intruder. Three Paladins are able to travel up the stairs at once.
At the top is Lieutenant Burton all by himself desperate to stop the press of the crusade, trying to take advantage of the narrow stairwell but is pushed back as templars flood the room to fight him. He finds an excuse to slip away through a Door.
Just when the crusade thinks that perhaps they have him as they enter the Solar, Blackguard Burton is fully suits up and assumes his true form as a last stand against the holy warriors.

Points of Interest

The cellar beneath the kitchen has plenty of Barrels containing food and drink items.
The smithy has a few items that can be looted.
The north wall of the Solar sits a stained-glass window that can be shattered open. To do so, type "/shatter window". Doing this opens a means to exit the castle, dropping down into the moat.
The eastern door inside the Solar leads to the Chapel where [[Lord Darksparrow lurks. A Chapel Key is required to gain access through the door.
The defeat of Lord Darksparrow yields the Zealot Blade. The blade may be kept or used to break a magical field on the western side of the Chapel into the Light Sanctuary. This room is a place of healing and contains an Ethereal Confine.


Both Servers
Monsters Bosses


Without the magic of a Water Ring, the diver may drown underwater.
The Death Knight death trap near the front gate. Passage is possible only when the character is invisible, usually with a Tarma Potion.
Where the drawbridge connects with the path and onto it, the party is rained on by arrows causing injuries.
Drowning in the well.
An Evil Deity in the Chapel where Lord Darksparrow is found leads to instant death.



There is nothing else to note.