Lord Darksparrow

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Lord Darksparrow is the baron of the castle that bears his name, and perhaps Nightmist's only true bonus boss or 'super-boss', as he is an optional enemy where the privilege to fight him his dictated by Blackguard Burton (the area's main boss) dropping a Chapel Key. Most players will never see him as a consequence.


Name Lord Darksparrow
Also known as
Difficulty Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif
Alignment Lawful Evil
Spawn Rate Unknown (probably Daily)
Hp Very High
Exp 100
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 150
Armour High
Dodge High
Magic Resistance N/A
Undead? No
Special abilities Moves around, Hypnotise,
Animates nearby masonry.
Walks over a death trap sometimes.
Money 10,000
Drops Zealot Blade

It is impossible to tell whether this beast of a man is a blackguard or a sorcerer; either way, he is not the kind of person you want sticking around. Towering over you in full battle armour, he draws his 6-foot sword and points it towards you. He means business!

Attacks and abilities

Lord Darksparrow is Blackguard, Sorcerer, Enchanter and Psionist, and yet none of these. He possesses a wide range of abilities, from animating masonry, causing you to feel unbearable pain, telekinetically throttling you (in a manner not too dissimilar from Darth Vader) and casting spells such as Bubonic Plague and Cellular Collapse (a spell known to be shared only by Ganymede). To top it off, he wields a massive sword that hits for 150 damage and is an incredibly sturdy and well-armoured individual.

Initially, the fight with him is quite tame in comparison to Blackguard Burton, but it becomes difficult when he starts animating a lot of masonry and you realise just how much health he has! The biggest risks, however, come from following him, as occasionally he walks over a death trap - this trap can be spotted with the Spyglass though, thanks to the presence of an Evil Deity - and the other risk is the fact that it is all too easy to run out of mana and become hungry and thirsty after the prolonged fight through the keep.

Favourite quotes

  • "I see my overconfident, bumbling fool of a lieutenant let you pass... well, we'll have to deal with that right now."
  • "Witness the true power, Paladin!"
  • "I have fallen, and so will you."
  • "We die together, Paladin!"




  • Only Paladins can fight this boss.
  • The Zealot Blade is used as a key to exit Castle Darksparrow, leading to the prize of either the Pendant of Light or the Sword of Light.
  • Lord Darksparrow is perhaps the most versatile boss in the game, and consequently one of the hardest fights you will ever have to endure.