Gargantuan Black Widow

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Name Gargantuan Black Widow
Also known as GBW, black widow, widow
Difficulty Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif
Alignment Neutral Evil
Spawn Rate Minute
Hp Moderate
Exp 100
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 60
Armour Undetermined
Dodge Undetermined
Magic Resistance Undetermined
Undead? No
Special abilities 130-point poison
Money 0
Drops Black Widow Token


Easily twice the height of a full-grown human, this monstrous beast has a shiny, jet black spherical abdomen with the blood red hourglass marking unique to the Black Widow. Even at this absurd size, the creature's fangs are still relatively small. However, the venom that drips from the tiny fangs seems particularly toxic; the venom hisses and steams as it drips onto the arena floor, leaving small pockmarked holes that testify to its potency.

Attacks and abilities

Although that the Gargantuan Black Widow attacks with only its Vicious Bite dealing moderately light damage, the poison which it injects into the bloodstream of its victim is extremely vile and rather deadly.

Favorite Quotes

None are recorded.




  • Heavy use of Cleanse prove to be an effective method of standing up against this creature.