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multi-alt only


Name Genevieve
Also known as Gen, Gene
Difficulty Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif
Alignment Chaotic Good
Spawn Rate Daily
Hp Moderate
Exp 110 (500,000 on death)
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 37 (* 3)
Armour Immune
Dodge Immune
Magic Resistance Moderately High
Undead? No
Special abilities None
Money 20,000
Drops Dull Crystal Shard (rare)
Bright Crystal Shard (common)
Brilliant Crystal Shard (rare)
Perfect Crystal Shard (very rare)

Her eyes dart rapidly around the room. Her hands twist nervously around a spiralling crystal staff. Her knees shake noticably, as if she were waiting for a chance to jump for the door. Something horrible must have happened to turn this once competent researcher into a paranoid husk of a woman.

Attacks and abilities

Genevieve assaults intruders with a Crystal Staff and a variety of Mage spells, attacking three times at once before taking a long time to get her breath back. Despite this, the best strategy against her is to wait for full stamina, attack with all but one stamina point, then use the final stamina point to cast Invisibility upon yourself.

Favourite quotes

  • "I won't go back there!"
  • "I won't let you take me!"
  • "It wasn't my fault!"
  • "They took the crystals! There is nothing I can do!"
  • "You just want them to find me! I can't let those horrible things find me!"




  • This boss only appears on the multi-alt server.
  • This boss can only be fought by level 31+ Mages.
  • Up to three characters can enter her domain.