Gnome Caves

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Location on World Map
Multi-Alt Server: Sentant Mines
none Gnome Caves Mountain Path

General Information


The Mountain Ranger more likely than not gave his life guarding curious adventurers against these forbidding caverns so dark it is as if darkness itself took residence there. The curious adventurer will find that the Gnome Caves is a treacherous place where death awaits them at every bend.

Points of Interest

  • Balrog's Lair
  • Chamber of Bones
  • Vortex Gate


Balrog's Lair

By following a westward bearing from the entrance to the Gnome Caves, the Balrog's lair is located at the dead end.

Chamber of Bones

The Chamber of Bones is located just beyond a vortex gate located at the farthest dead end following a southward bearing from the entrance of the Gnome Caves. Another vortex gate is also located within the Chamber of Bones which leads back into the Gnome Caves not far from the one which leads into the Chamber of Bones. The Chamber of Bones can be escaped upwards by mumbling "tiggy"; this escape route leads to a spot near the forest of Mountain Sentant.

Vortex Gate

At the northeasternmost dead end of the caves is a vortex gate back to Mountain Sentant.


Multi-Alt Server

Monsters Bosses


On the multi-alt server, a Planar Rift blocks the passage to the Sentant Mines, it has been laid down by none other than Tiggy as an attempt to curb the horrendous evils that lie beyond.


The Gnome Caves is full of Giant Bats, Pit Vipers, and Pit Wraiths. In some locations they are kill-to-pass or kill-to-proceed.

While Giant Bats are nuisances, they can be deadly if a Pit Viper or Pit Wraith are present as the latter two deal high damage while the Giant Bats are quick to attack.


The Balrog is located following a westward bearing from the location where the party descends into the hole to enter the Gnome Caves. Following a westward bearing leads to a dead end which is the lair of the Balrog.

The Giant Chameleon lurks in the Chamber of Bones just beyond a vortex gate which is located at the furthest dead end when following a southward bearing from the hole where the adventurer drops down into from the mountain.


Numerous damage traps involving blindly slipping on wet rocks causing moderate damage.

May be a death sentence to those who do not bring a Mage for the two vortex gate spots or even a Rope to escape up the hole from which the Gnome Caves is entered.


Item Location
Scroll of Enhance Examine at Chamber of Bones.


Some Saltpetre can be foraged for in the North part of the area.


Four methods of escaping the Gnome Caves are:

  • Rope to escape up the hole from which the Gnome Caves is entered.
  • Vortex gate at the northeasternmost dead end.
  • Mumble "tiggy" when trying to leave up from the Chamber of Bones; also need a vortex gate to access the Chamber of Bones.
  • If all else fails, DEATH!