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Name Balrog
Also known as None
Difficulty Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Spawn Rate Hourly
Hp Moderate
Exp 98
Kill Exp 250,000
Max hit 175
Armour Moderate
Dodge Low
Magic Resistance Moderately High
Undead? 90%
Special abilities No
Money 2000
Drops Gnome Caves:

Sentant Mines:


A mystical beast rumoured to be living in the pitch-black caves of the mountain of Sentant. Its lashing tail seems to be it's best form of offense, but it's skin looks as if it provides great armor. The Balrog looks at you for a moment then advances towards you at full speed!

Attacks and abilities

The Balrog utilizes a Lashing Tail with its deadly leaps, charges and sometimes spews from its mouth a deadly toxic breath that does a great deal of damage. The Balrog is a brutal foe and has a tendency to appear docile just before it decimates a character.

Favourite quotes

Balrog: ...........

Death: The Balrog's limp body melts away slowly into the damp floor.


Both Servers:

Multi-Alt Server:


Gnome Caves

Both Servers:

Multi-Alt Server:

Sentant Mines

Sentant Mines:

Gothmog's Domain:


In the Gnome Caves, there is only one Balrog and it is located in its lair at a dead end. On the multi-alt server, however, in the Sentant Mines there are numerous Balrogs and an unique one that takes its stand beside its lord in the domain of the very lord. This is an important contrast as in the Gnome Caves the only Balrog is treated as a mini-boss while in the Sentant Mines they are regular monsters.