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1-alt only



A large mechanical device with spinning disc-shaped hammers that resemble teeth, driven by a prototype steam engine that looks quite promising. You observe a technician throw in a rusty and dented polearm, which is quickly eaten by the mechanical monster, before excreting a handful of raw metal shards, which the worker gathers and cleans of rust and impurities.


Item Accepted? Type Shards Returned
Blade of Sacrifice Yes Steel 1
Bloodied Axe Yes Steel 3
Broad Sword No -- -
Bronze Staff No -- -
Copper Amulet No -- -
Copper Chalice Yes Copper 1
Crowbar Yes Iron 1
Demon Plate Yes Iron 5
Fancy Short Sword Yes Steel 1
Halberd Yes Steel 3
Knight's Facemask Yes Steel 4
Orcish Plate of Coldmonger Yes Black 2
Rose Blade No -- -
Rusted Crown Yes Copper 1
Rusted Iron Plate Yes Iron 4
Scarlet Dagger No -- -
Shield of Faith No -- -
Short Sword No -- -
Titanium Blade Yes Black 6


  • Located in Harabec inside the Scrapyard Workshop
  • Used in crafting and in the 1-alt levelling system.
  • When given a metallic item, the Grinder will return to you a number of metallic shards.