Lt Commander Blackburn

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Name Lt Commander Blackburn
Also known as None
Difficulty Silverstar.gifSilverstar.gif
Alignment Undetermined
Spawn Rate Undetermined
Hp Moderate
Exp 53
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 60*2
Armour Undetermined
Dodge Undetermined
Magic Resistance Undetermined
Undead? No
Special abilities None
Money 5000
Drops Multi-alt Server:


Sporting a crimson doublet and rank insignia denoting a Lieutenant Commander, this officer of Captain Wylsen's airship glares at you with a steely gaze as he draws his cutlass, ready to take on the boarding party that dares side with Silversail, intentionally or otherwise.

Attacks and Abilities

Not yet recorded.

Favorite Quotes

You call this a boarding party?


Lt Commander Blackburn is located on the Airship.


Multi-alt Server:


There is nothing else to note about this mini-boss.