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On the 1-alt server, the Red Dragon is an ancient beast hidden deep within the mysterious Twilight Jungle. Multiple Clerics and a large party are required to defeat him. On the multi-alt server, the Red Dragon resides in a cave on Mt. Fenowasty, rumoured by Alexia to be protecting a treasure trove.


Name Red Dragon
Also known as RD
Difficulty Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif
Alignment True Neutral
Spawn Rate Daily
Hp Moderately High
Exp 80 (1-alt)
105 (multi-alt)
Kill Exp 5,000,000 (1-alt)
500,000 (multi-alt)
Max hit 225 (1-alt)
150 (multi-alt)
Armour High
Dodge Moderate
Magic Resistance
Undead? No
Special abilities No
Money 25,000
Boiling Blood (Uncommon)
Dragonstone (common)
Dragon Ivory (rare)
Dragon Plate (rare)
Dragon Wand (rare)
Firestone Charm (Rare)
Primal Clasps (rare)

Dragonstone (common)
Dragonbane (rare)
Dragon Ivory (rare)
Obsidian Band (very rare)

The stuff of legends, the Red Dragon glows crimson in the dark light, standing tall and proud as its nostrils smolder smoke into the air. It sees your challenge as somewhat amusing, and is quick to inhale a lungful of oxygen as it prepares to engage these pitiful animals.

Favourite quotes

Attacks and abilities

The Red Dragon uses a range of fire-based abilities, including a high-damage fireball that you can dodge, as well as pummelling you with its wings. On 1-alt, its ultimate attacks can hit for 180 damage, so be careful. On multi-alt, the attacks are much more subdued due to only Fighters being able to access him.






  • On the Multi-alt server, the Fighter is the only class that can go in and fight against the Red Dragon.
  • On the Multi-alt server, the Obsidian Band drop can be crafted into a Dragon Bracelet.