Subterranean Waterways

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Connects to following areas:
Entangled Overgrowth

General Information


The Subterranean Waterways is a vast labyrinth of underground channels below one of the Solemn Peaks, and are the only known path between Harabec and Tirantek that is still traversable. The channels are large enough for a boat to manoeuvre through, and is home to hundreds of Giant Bats and a giant Kraken in a large underground lake. For unknown reasons, a large number of Drow Mages reside within some of the alcoves that are above the waterline, along with a single Drow Archmage.

More recently, the tomb of Koschei the Deathless was excavated within one of the caves; though he hasn't left the confines of his chamber, his mere essence is deterring some guides from entering the Subterranean Waterways at all.

Points of Interest






  • Death trap in the Underground Lake, with a current enticing you towards it.
  • Bottomless pit death traps in some of the Dry Alcoves.
  • Vortex Gate on the Drow Archmage leads to the Cave of Incompetence, a trapped room that is difficult to escape from.
  • You can get trapped in the Dry Alcoves if you lose your Oar somehow.