Drow Archmage

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Name Drow Archmage
Also known as Archmage
Difficulty Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif
Alignment Lawful Evil
Spawn Rate Hourly
Hp Moderate
Exp 95
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 70 (* 3)
Magic Resistance Very High
Undead? No
Special abilities Poison, Hypnotise,
Summons Drow Mages
Money 1,660
Drops Black Sapphire (common)
Elfstone (very rare)
Scroll of Vortex Gate (uncommon)
Seal of Absence (uncommon)

Far more experienced than the other Magi, the Drow Archmage has neared the pinnacle of sorcery, but still naturally submits to his female dictators. Upon seeing you, he sees it as a good opportunity to prove his worth.

Attacks and abilities

The Drow Archmage is a tougher version of the Drow Mage, sporting a red robe instead of a blue one, and possessing all of their spells along with a few of his own. His Dark Aurora spell will give target crits a 25-point poison, and he can open inverted Vortex Gates to summon lesser Drow Mages to assist him. Collectively, they can easily overpower an ill-prepared party. Unlike the Drow Mages, who only attack with an array of spells, he attacks with a Staff of Power occasionally.

Favourite quotes

  • "By my Staff of Power, you shall be slain!"
  • "Feeling claustrophobic, surface dweller?"
  • "My students, show these ignorant fools the wrath of the Drow!"
  • "I have failed you, my priestess. Sacrifice me!"
  • "Myself... my power... shall come again."




  • A Drow Archmage appears as a key mini-boss in the Subterranean Waterways, and reappear as regular (albeit uncommon) monsters in the Underground City, but drop only Black Sapphires and Scrolls of Vortex Gate in such appearances.
  • Drow Archmages sit on top of usable Vortex Gates; most of these lead to the Cave of Incompetence, but can otherwise be used to escape quickly.