Tomb Spirit

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Name Tomb Spirit
Spawn Rate Ten Minutes
Hp Moderate
Exp 120 (healing only)
Kill Exp 100,000
Max hit 100
Magic Resistance N/A
Undead? Yes
Special abilities N/A
Money 350
Drops Rusted Crown (uncommon)
Tomb Gloves (very rare)
Soul Prison (uncommon)


The Tomb Spirit is wearing a long teal robe over its tall body. Its facial spirits cannot be distinguished along with its transparent limbs. Its green eyes harshly hover over your body as it considers you an intruder. Its long arms hold a spiked staff, that dazzles your eyes with its laced diamonds. A small stream of breath escapes from underneath the spirit’s hood.



  • They are located in a no-PK zone, so they can only be harmed with healing spells.