Forest of Souls and Triken Forest

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Location on World Map
Natura Forest of Souls
and Triken Forest
Mountain Path
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General Information


Many who begin their journey through the realm may happen across the outskirts of the Forest of Souls going past the Southern Gatehouse of Nightmist and fled back into the city for safety and fear of what evil they have seen roaming the forest. Those brave enough to penetrate the lingering evil and death find either more ferocity from the Gnoll creatures taking territory on the Mountain Path or creatures of the woodland known as the Triken Forest untouched by the evil and death that has overtaken the Forest of Souls.

Deep in the Triken Forest, and to its north, lies the village of Natura where only Druids and Rangers are welcome.

The entire forest is flanked to its south by a mountainous terrain entering into the Mountain Path. Three of these point of entry, which are accessed from the southernmost side of the Triken Forest, require a Climbing Gear to scale the mountain. Otherwise, crossing a safe, uncollapsed bridge south of the Forest of Souls arrives at the Mountain Path area although one would have to keep an eye out for the Gnoll creatures guarding their territory.

Points of Interest

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Both Servers:

  • Crystal Cavern
  • Twisted Pathway

Areas / Dungeons

The village of Natura is located by beginning at the Crystal Cavern entrance, on the dead woodland path, and going westward to a north and south split. Navigate northwards, but do not attempt to go southward at any point. Hidden past a thick forestry, which only Druids and Rangers can navigate through, is the way to Natura; the path bends eastward into the village after continuing north. On the 1-alt server, a lone Black Bear must be slain to gain entry into the village.

Multiple connections exist between either forest and the Mountain Path area. Generally, the Mountain Path is connected to the forests to their south. One of the two paths that lead to the Gnoll Fortress is south of the Forest of Souls on a dirt road with Gnoll Warriors, this path leads into the Mountain Path area and leads to the east side of the Gnoll Fortress within that area. At the south side of the Triken Forest, however, the mountain terrain is more elevated and requires a Climbing Gear to climb with. There are three points of entry, all of which are close enough to each other and along the southernmost path of the Triken Forest, though this path requires that the adventurer swing through the Forest of Souls once more. Hold a southward bearing going west from the Crystal Cavern and when going through the Forest of Souls find the next west with a southward bearing. This takes to the path where these three entry points are.

On the 1-alt server, after defeating the Crystal Giant, an extension of the Crystal Cavern which is the Crystal Caves is down through the hole which was previously blocked by the guardian of the crystals.


The Crystal Cavern contains scintillating and pulsating crystal and its guardian, if present, which is the Crystal Giant. To reach the cavern from the Southern Gatehouse of Nightmist, follow the path westwards past dead ends. If approaching a bridge, backtrack and find another way westwards. The path in the Forest of Souls will twist in a double hairpin turn, the first turn going southwards then eastwards and the next goes southward then westwards once more. The crystal cavern is located on the north side near the interstice between the two forests.

The Twisted Pathway is a brief trek from the Southern Gatehouse of Nightmist. On the worn path, instead of going westward into the Forest of Souls, head east.


Multi-alt Server

Triken Forest:

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Forest of Souls:

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Forest of Souls:

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On the multi-alt server, two Animated Oaks sit within the depth of the Triken Forest where the Elder Treant haunts. They give away the location of the boss and also serve as an environmental aesthetic.


Because there are two distinct parts of the entire forest, there are also two distinct population of creatures roaming in these forests. However, some creatures that would normally thrive in the Triken Forest do exist in the Forest of Souls such as the occasional Badger and Small Snake. A few Gnoll Warriors wander some distance north from the Gnoll Fortress located in the Mountain Path; the adventurer can take spotting a Gnoll Warior as a warning before they approach the fortress.


Two bosses exist in the area on both servers.

Aglon the Scourge is located in a small cave south in the Twisted Pathway.

The Crystal Giant is found in the Crystal Chamber of the Crystal Cavern. To leave the chamber, the Crystal Giant, if present, must be defeated otherwise the chamber serves as a log-to0local spot.

On the multi-alt server, west past the hidden entrance leading to Natura is not only to the denser depth of the Triken Forest but also to a grove of Animated Oaks and, if present, the Elder Treant. To find the Elder Treant, keep a northward bearing after going past the hidden entrance to the village of Natura. Up to four Druids of levels 31 and higher may enter the grove and challenge the Elder Treant. The treant must be defeated to exit the location, otherwise death must follow to exit and the square is not log-to-local meaning that the closest log-to-local square is at the Crystal Chamber of the Crystal Cavern.


Nearby the Gnoll Fortress and to its west is a washed-out bridge which is a guaranteed death trap.


There are no loot to be found in this area.

Triken Forest


There is nothing else to note about this area.