Vampire Blood Potion

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Description: This rank concoction of brown fluid reeks of ancient blood and untold power. This potion is said to have been created from the remaining blood of victims of the supernatural beast, Vampire. Interrupted in their journey to the world of the living dead, victims abandoned by their Vampiric sire are painstakingly stripped of their remaining bodily fluids to create one of the most awesome potions in the known world., Type of Item: Potion.

Rarity: Uncommon

Where to find


  • When used, any damage you perform will be mirrored back to you as a health gain, as if your weapon had a Vamparic rating of 1.
  • The potion's effect lasts approximately 2 minutes.
  • The vamparic property of the potion is cumulative with your current weapon's Vamparic rating.
  • A component used to craft a Dagger of the Winds.