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Name Waldren
Also known as
Difficulty Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif
Alignment Neutral Evil
Spawn Rate Hourly
Hp Moderate
Exp 80 (500,000 on death)
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 150
Armour Moderate
Dodge Moderate
Magic Resistance Moderately High
Undead? No
Special abilities No
Money 5,000
Drops Seal of Charade

Waldren the torturer leader is a weary old man that is wearing a rather deceiving black robe. The man’s worn clothes deceive his true powers as a powerful wizard. He spends countless hours slaying those who enter his chamber very slowly. He enjoys watching men and woman alike die slowly breathing air to the last drop of blood. Waldren gathers the souls of those slain and turns them into creatures that haunt his ever so haunting maze.

Attacks and abilities

Waldren is by far the weakest of the main bosses in Harabec Dungeon, although the difficulty comes from getting to him through the Hall of Ail. He attacks with an old staff and a number of elemental spells, including a blast of energy with a hint of decay in it.

Favourite quotes

  • You have completed my maze, but that thrill shall end shortly...
  • I am the final frontier before my master.
  • Your heart is beating, how unfortunate...
  • Success shall not be on your side today!
  • You are a true warrior! Bring your skills too...too...the dragon! (upon death)


Hall of Ail (Harabec Dungeon)



  • Waldren himself is relatively weak (he doesn't often cast his high-damage "Morbid Blast" ability), but the death-trap maze that surrounds him has gained infamy for being long and unforgiving.