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General Information


The Arilin Cathedral hold a strong aura of light about it which deter any violence, prevents any magic spells from being cast, and even humbles any usage of skill. While the Arilin Cathedral is open to anyone who wishes to visit it, Clerics and Paladins find their sanctuary there and on the 1-alt server they are ordained.

The entrance to the Arilin Cathedral faces south, its Gateway directly north across the Rocky Path from the Northern Arilin Gates of Arilin. The Gateway is connected to the Atrium where courtyards flank it at its sides and the Façade of the cathedral opens northward into the Narthax. There are rooms to the west and east of the Narthax, and the cathedral continues north past the Narthax into the Nave illuminated by Candlelit Crystal Chandeliers. The Nave is flanked on either of its side by an Aisle. Continuing north through the Nave arrives at the Transept which is before the High Altar. Bishop Carling stands at the High Altar with welcoming open arms.

Points of Interest

Taverns Shops Guilds

Both Servers:

  • Sanctuary

1-alt Server:

1-alt Server:

  • Priest Ordainment
  • Templar Ordainment

Both Servers:

  • Catacombs
  • High Altar

1-alt Server:

  • Cloister


Technically a tavern, but not meant to be a tavern, the Sanctuary provides the same features as a pub would with the exception that the refresh cost is zero gold. The Sanctuary is located north past the High Altar, but Bishop Carling allows only those of the highest order of the Light to enter into the Sanctuary. On the multi-alt server, a Cassock of the Conclave or a Crest of the Seraphim is the mark of the highest order of the Light. On the 1-alt server, a Guild Ring of the Sacred Light is the mark of the highest order of the Light. Only Clerics or Paladins can enter the Sanctuary.


Shops exist only on the 1-alt server.

Once a Cleric or Paladin obtains the Guild Ring of the Sacred Light, also requiring them to be level 35 or higher, they can enter into the Cloister and enter into another room on the northern side of the Cloister. This room is the Monastic Laboratory which features a shop and crafting NPCs for the purpose of procuring levelling items as well as to learn how to make them. The Monastic Laboratory also has a basement.


Guilds exist in the area only on the 1-alt server and they are found surrounding the Cloister. As there are four Grandmaster levels, there are four guild rooms for each of the Cleric and Paladin classes making a total of eight individual guild rooms. Four are of the Priest Ordainment room and four are of the Templar Ordainment room. The door leading into these room bear a sign that tells which of the rank the guild room is for. Thus, a Class I Priest Ordainment room is for a level 35 Cleric which is an Archmaster Class V Priest to use so to advance to the rank of Grandmaster Class I Priest. Meaning, with the necessary items the Cleric or Paladin can enter into these rooms and become a Grandmaster or advance to the next rank of Grandmaster.


The Catacombs is beneath the Arilin Cathedral. To find it, locate Brother Marcus. He will allow only Clerics or Paladins of level 35 or higher to descend into the Catacombs.

The High Altar is a place where folks can come to receive food and drink; Bishop Carling heals slowly but powerfully those who are worn by battle and find themselves seeking solace here.

On the 1-alt server, the Cloister and Peristyle is accessible only to Clerics and Paladins of levels 35 or higher who have a Guild Ring of the Sacred Light. To enter the Peristyle, locate Sister Pamela in a courtyard of the Atrium and advance east of her past a small gate. The Peristyle holds two doors on its east side, both of which only Paladins may enter, and connects northward to the Cloister by a small passageway. The Cloister can also be entered directly east from Brother Peter who stands on the east side of the Transept. Both Brother Peter and Sister Pamela will not allow anyone but level 35 or higher Clerics or Paladins with a Guild Ring of the Sacred Light to enter these areas making them exclusive to the two classes with the ring. The room on the north side of the Cloister is a Monastic Laboratory. The room east of the Cloister is the Monastic Chapel. Surrounding the Cloister are the guild rooms for which Clerics and Paladins are ordained.


Both Servers 1-alt Server

There are no monsters or bosses in this area.


The Spirit of Baroness Cyssia rests in the Catacombs. Her crypt is the middle of the northern crypts. Only level 40 Clerics or Paladins may visit her.

On the 1-alt server, Brother Peter and Sister Pamela stand at the entrance to the Cloister and the Peristyle respectively. Inside the Cloister and Peristyle are where most of the NPCs exclusive to the 1-alt server are found. Also here, in the Monastic Laboratory and the room beneath it as well as the rooms accessible only to Paladins at the eastern side of the Peristyle hold crafting NPCs.

On the 1-alt server, in the Catacombs directly eastward from the point of entry by descent[ is Prioress Bethany who initiates the Cleric or Paladin into the highest order of the Light.


1-alt Server
Item Location
Lifewater Potion Search at the High Altar


There is nothing else to note about this area.