Illuminated Tunnel

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Connects to following areas:
Royal Forest

General Information


Elves often do not construct underground passageways, but a tunnel was the only viable means of connecting Kantele to the Royal Forest. Despite the presence of artificial illumination in order to make the tunnel feel less hostile, a number of Vampire Bats have taken up residence here, and as a consequence it has become a popular venue for Clerics and Pacifists especially, despite the tunnel's small, cramped conditions, in order to hone their healing skills and help rid the world of an undead menace.

Points of Interest

There is nothing to mention about this dungeon.


There are no NPCs in this dungeon.

Both Servers 1-alt Server


On both servers, the same tunnel exist and they harbot Vampire Bats which are an excellent source of low-level healer experience. However, on the 1-alt server, an extension of the Illuminated Tunnel exist underneath it and instead of regular Vampire Bats, Giant Vampire Bats lurk in the depth.


Due to its small size, the Illuminated Tunnel tends to be a major PKing hotspot.


There are no loot to be found in this dungeon.

There is nothing to forage in this dungeon.


There is nothing else to note about this dungeon.