Pious Hannah

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Pious Hannah is one half of the famous gladiatrix twins in Mandrake's Coliseum. She is much more honourable than her sister and even compliments you, but is still nonetheless a ferocious opponent even by herself. When teamed with Profane Dianna, they become perhaps the toughest challenge in the entire Coliseum.


Name Pious Hannah
Also known as The Twins
Difficulty Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif
Alignment Lawful Good
Spawn Rate Minute
Hp Moderately High
Exp 20
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 70 (*4)
Dodge High
Magic Resistance High
Undead? No
Special abilities No
Drops Hannah's Token

Identical twins whose lives have taken very different paths, Hannah and Dianna share similar physical characteristics but have radically opposed personalities. Both women are tall, standing just over six feet, with long auburn hair and a lithe, muscular limbs and are distinctly attractive. The similarities end there. Hannah carries herself with a respectful demeanor... she is a gladiator, but shows no malice. Dianna seems to carry a grudge against the world larger than the trident that she wields.

Attacks and abilities

Pious Hannah wields a large, silvered trident, in stark contrast to the tarnished trident of Profane Dianna, wielding it with unparalleled dexterity as well as possessing significant martial arts skills, hitting up to four targets at once. She is very honourable in how she attacks, however, favouring textbook manoeuvres and no underhanded tactics or nerve strikes, unlike her sister Dianna.

Favourite quotes

  • Clumsy oafs... you should practise more.
  • You have some strength, but you will fail.
  • Alas... I am slain!


Mandrake's Coliseum



  • Twin sister of Profane Dianna, an almost total polar opposite in character. The two always fight in unison.
  • Pious Hannah favours hitting Clerics initially (despite being Pious!).
  • Hannah and Dianna's individual tokens can be paired up by Rutuba to produce the Token of the Twins.