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multi-alt only


Name Resca
Also known as
Difficulty Flashstar.gif Flashstar.gif Flashstar.gif Flashstar.gif Flashstar.gif
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Spawn Rate Daily
Hp Extremely High (Self-heal)
Exp 89
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 70
Magic Resistance Immune
Undead? No
Special abilities Self-Healing.
The Roc swoops in to attack occasionally.
Summons the Wall of Blades sometimes.
Money 20,000
Drops Bloodstone (common)
Ashen Talisman (uncommon)
Cerulean Periapt (very rare)
Veridian Charm (very rare)
Hex of Amber (very rare)

Once a revered leader of the people of Silversail, the aged cleric standing before you must be Resca. His once gentle features have been distorted by the madness that now grips him. His flowing white robes are a quiet backdrop to the multitude of amulets, charms, and talismans that hang from his neck. He cackles gleefully as you approach, perhaps because he welcomes the challenge or perhaps because he knows something you do not.

Attacks and abilities

Resca attacks with a variety of dark enchantments that are effectively corrupted versions of Cleric spells, although he occasionally uses his Serpentine Staff to engage in a mêlée attack, but his onslaught is otherwise not too powerful. The real risks come from his periodic summoning of the Wall of Blades, a whirlwind of metallic death that deals 100 damage to a large number of crits simultaneously, sometimes striking the same one more than once, and the occasional appearance of the Roc, who swoops down and devours a crit whole (instant death) before flying off again, unless someone is quick enough to satisfy its hunger by feeding (giving) it either a Dead Rodent or some Rancid Meat Chunks, found around the Shifting Sands. It is not known how Resca is able to keep the bird from attacking him.

Favourite quotes

  • "You will be dinner for the BIRD!"
  • "Fools! You cannot make me go."
  • "Simpletons! I won't allow you to spoil my plans!"
  • "Noooo! You cannot let it take me.... Not after so many years... I was SO CLOSE!"




  • This boss only appears on the multi-alt server.
  • Though he self-heals, he heals for much less than 10% of his total HP (which is the default for self-healing monsters).