Sewage Smithy

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Name Sewage Smithy
Also known as Smithy
Difficulty Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif Goldstar.gif
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Spawn Rate
Hp Low
Exp 40
Kill Exp 100,000
Max hit 30
Magic Resistance
Undead? Yes
Special abilities No
Money 1,000
Drops Blade of Sacrifice (common)
Jewel Unhallowed (rare) (1-alt only)

The sewage smithy stands nearly 7 feet tall. He is covered in ragged clothes that reek of a horrid smell. He holds a blade nearly 5 feet long in both hands ready to attack.

Attacks and abilities

The Sewage Smithy attacks with his Blade of Sacrifice as well as blasting trash in your face. He is also backed up by a Mutant Leech initially, along with any Mutant Maggots you might have dragged with you.

Favourite quotes




  • The Sewage Smithy, along with the Mutant Leech, is undead, although only Paladins and Pacifists can really take advantage of this due to the weakness of the Cleric's heal spell at this level.