Three-eyed Jack

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Name Three-eyed Jack
Also known as 3EJ
Difficulty Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Spawn Rate Hourly
Hp Moderate
Exp 90
Kill Exp 50,000
Max hit 60 (dual strike)
Armour Very Low
Dodge High
Magic Resistance Very High
Undead? Partially
Special abilities Unavoidable attacks
Non-magical weapons are
somewhat ineffective.
Money 5,000
Drops Cyclone Token (uncommon)

Three-eyed Jack is a fierce thundercloud spirit. Gathering his power from the nearby cloud walls encircling the eye of the storm, he stares down at you angrily, accumulating black cloud around his entity and crackling with electricity.

Attacks and abilities

Three-eyed Jack is a fierce thundercloud spirit who strikes adventurers with lightning bolts and tempest winds that cannot be dodged or armour-absorbed.

Favourite quotes

  • "Calm before the storm!"
  • "I'll come back again!"




  • His drop is required to enter Cloud City.
  • Based on folklore.