Time Mummy

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Name Time Mummy
Also known as
Difficulty Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Spawn Rate
Hp Low
Exp 105
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 100+
Armour High
Dodge Very High
Magic Resistance Extremely High
Undead? 100%
Special abilities Poison
Money 0
Drops Broken Key (common)

The Time Mummy is the third and final guardian of the Temple of Chronos. Despite his two prior defeats, the time keeper has managed to partially change the history of events leading to his death and has returned to defend his precious Portal of Time. Between fighting off threats to the temple he regains his strength by resting in his sarcophagus. He explains to you the legacy of the time keeper, and how after his death another will be created by the time gods to control the time of the realm once again. This time keeper will, unfortunately suffer the same fate, as the cycle is repeated again and again. He now seems to be concerned only with your death, and has given up controlling the time of the realm. You now know the urgency with which he must be destroyed, to allow a new time keeper to protect the future of the realm.

Attacks and abilities

Being an undead corpse, the Time Mummy's abilities are far more limited in comparison to your previous fights, instead just giving you a soul-destroying Stare of Death (that you can somehow dodge and block!), headbutting and uses its bandages to whip and strangle its assailants. Be careful though because the strangle can do upwards of 100 damage.

Favourite quotes

  • Ughhhh!!!
  • Grrrrrr!!!
  • Killlll.........




  • Poisons for 10 damage
  • Has much lower HP than his previous incarnations, the Time Knight and Time Mage.