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Name Woobie
Also known as
Difficulty Flashstar.gif Flashstar.gif Flashstar.gif Flashstar.gif Flashstar.gif
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Spawn Rate Daily
Hp Very High (self-heal)
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 350 (*2)
Armour High
Dodge Very High
Magic Resistance Moderately High
Undead? No
Special abilities 50-point Poison
Throws bombs
Money 50,000
Drops Assassin's Tear


Garbed from head to toe in midnight blue attire, save for a pair of dark brown bracers and thigh pads and the area around her eyes, she resembles a child playing dress-up. She moves with incredible fluidity and grace, and you can't help but be spooked when she springs like a flea onto a table, then into your blind spot, before launching straight at you with a dagger poised, while flicking up the bracer on her free arm to catch and deflect any incoming attacks. The look in her eyes is what disturbs you the most... it isn't murderous, but switches between completely blank to curious to playful and almost friendly.

Attacks and abilities

Woobie has an incredibly wide variety of attacks and is a very nimble foe. She is incredibly hard to hit thanks to her high armour and dexterity, but has no problems hitting you. Her magic resistance is fairly normal though, so Druids and Mages might want to consider using their spells to attack.

As well as martial arts and basic attacks with her Assassin's Tear, she has a wide variety of bombs available, ranging from gas grenades that poison and hypnotise a group of characters, fragmentation grenades that damage a group, concussion grenades that do severe damage to one person, and flash grenades so she can cover her tracks and ambush you.

With all her abilities and skills, she is one of the most versatile bosses in the game.

Favourite quotes

  • *Woobie giggles*
  • "Catch!" (when she throws a concussion grenade at you)
  • "Cop this!" (when she throws a gas grenade at you)
  • "Now you see me... now you don't!"
  • "Peekaboo!"
  • "D-D-Did I do okay?"
  • *Woobie falls to her knees, covers her face and breaks into wrackful, uncontrollable sobbing.*




  • Earlier in her area, she constantly hits and runs your party as the Lightning-fast Assailant, and then ambushes you by dropping you into her arena as you try to leave the area.
  • In literature, a woobie is a character designed to make the reader/viewer feel extremely sorry for them.