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Name Gristle
Also known as Gristle
Difficulty Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif Silverstar.gif
Alignment Lawful Evil
Spawn Rate Minute
Hp Low
Exp 55
Kill Exp Unknown
Max hit 95
Armour Low
Dodge Low
Magic Resistance N/A
Undead? No
Special abilities Self-Healing
Money None
Drops Gristle's Token

Exceptionally large even for a troll, Gristle seems to have come prepared for a meal, brandishing an oversized dinner fork as a surprisingly effective weapon. The tiny black pits that are his eyes glaze over and his enormous jaw sags open as he watches you approach.

Attacks and abilities

Favourite quotes

*licks his lips*
*sniff* *sniff* yuz is gud fud
no muv littl fud... grizzle hugry




  • The Gristle costs 25,000 gold to fight on the multi-alt server, and 100,000 gold on the 1-alt server.
  • His tokens can be used to level Rangers and Thieves to level 31 and beyond. (1-alt only)