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Fighting Arena

Present in Nightmist and Resthaven, these are Sparring Arenas that lack the safety protocols and are open to most participants, although experience and scores are still protected from penalisation. These arenas tend to have a patron that doubles as an optional boss.

Sparring Arena

Normally found in clan houses, Nightmist City contains a small group of sparring arenas, known as the "Challenge Arenas", where two or more players may fight each other in mortal combat, although fights can be started and stopped in a controlled manner.

Anyone killed will drop some equipment and forfeit their gold to the person who killed them, as what happens outside of town, but no experience is lost and a death isn't marked against your character score - conversely, the victor does not get a player kill point.

Training Arena

These arenas are specially-reserved locations where players may fight particular monsters in a controlled environment. Monsters fought here only give half the experience and a quarter of the gold compared to their counterparts in the wilderness, but there is no risk of getting directly attacked by other players.


Banks provide a means to deposit your hard-earned gold and withdraw it at a later time. Money in the bank is safe from being lost or stolen, and contributes to the character's score, although it cannot be immediately used.

All characters begin with 200 gold in the bank that can be withdrawn to buy basic equipment.


Churches provide a means for initiate players to restore lost health via being healed by a Priest. Remaining in a church for a longer period also allows your mana to recharge faster, if applicable.


Every village, town and city has a range of different shops where gold can be spent to purchase equipment. Selecting "Buy Items" lists the goods available and their price in gold. For an in-depth analysis of an individual item, type /library followed by the item name. Similarly, selecting "Sell Items" analyses the items that your character is carrying, and lists the items that the shopkeeper will accept, along with a resale value (usually less than what you paid to buy it in the first place).

The name of the shop tends to give a clue as to what items it sells, and particular themes make common appearances:

Magic Shop

Magic Shops tend to sell Healing Potions and Mana Crystals and exist within every establishment. These provide the means to continue for longer out in the field. Some magic shops sell stronger versions of the Healing Potion and Mana Crystal than others, and a few contain specialist potions as well.


Taverns are buildings that provide lodging for weary players and also as an anchor-point for your spirit should you get killed. By setting a tavern as your 'local', you will return there whenever you are killed or if you log off in certain locations. Also, for a nominal free (normally 100 gold), you can restore your health, mana and satisfy your hunger and thirst.

Getting drunk in a tavern causes you to move in a random direction whenever you try to move, and it scrambles your speech. You do eventually sober up, although you can recover instantly under Cleanse and Dispell.

Notable Taverns