Welcome to Nightmist Online!

Nightmist is a highly-involved icon/text-based MUD (Multi User Dungeon). Create a fully-customizable character with distinctive strengths and weakness. Choose from one of nine classes, each one significantly influencing how you experience the game. Interact with players from around the world. Form allegiances and travel expansive regions, questing for riches, priceless artifacts, and most importantly, fame.

Nightmist is a community-based game. Player interaction is an integral part of gameplay, from the transaction of various armors and wares, to player-versus-player combat. Because the dynamic nature of the game may be a little confusing to those unaccustomed to the text-based genre, in-game help can be easily activated by typing 'help' at any time.

The fate of our world lies upon you, worthy adventurer. Will you chance the path of the hero, fighting for the deities of light, and striving for clarity in this turbulent world? Or perhaps you are a being of the shadows, vowing to wreak unearthly affliction on those unfortunate souls who dare cross your path. Be forewarned, however, as you strive to create a reputation for yourself in this land. Rarely do the gods forget a deed, and verily, your actions will be remembered.

Be well and have fun.